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  • PWHT / Stress Relieving

    PWHT / Stress Relieving

    Our Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) and Stress Relief services contribute to the structural integrity of welded components. By subjecting them to controlled heating and cooling processes, we minimize residual stresses, reducing the risk of cracking and ensuring enhanced material properties. Widely applied in critical components demanding uncompromised integrity. Incorporating these practices elevates the overall…

  • WPS Development

    WPS Development

    Establishing industry-leading guidelines and procedures, our WPS Development ensures welding consistency and quality. We define welding parameters, materials, and quality control measures, vital for maintaining standards and meeting diverse project requirements with precision and reliability.

  • Pipe Cladding

    Pipe Cladding

    Safeguard your pipes from external elements with our Pipe Cladding expertise. Through GTAW Hot Wire Cladding, we coat the outer surface with a durable layer, enhancing resistance to environmental elements and potential damage. Widely applied in oil and gas, chemical, and infrastructure projects for reliable performance.

  • Bore Cladding

    Bore Cladding

    Ensure the longevity of critical machinery components and pipelines with our specialized Bore Cladding. Using GTAW Hot Wire Cladding directed inside the bore, we create a robust protective layer. This process safeguards against abrasion and corrosion, extending the operational life of the bore.

  • Weld Overlay

    Weld Overlay

    Transform the surface integrity of your metal components through our advanced Overlay services. Employing GTAW Hot Wire Cladding, we deposit a protective layer that significantly improves resistance to wear, corrosion, and various forms of damage. Ideal for industries facing high-stress or challenging environmental conditions.

  • Fabrication


    Most cladded parts require fabrication. However, most fabrication does not require cladding. We provide welding and PWHT of fabricated equipment as a complement to our cladding services. We fabricate to specifications like API 6A PSL3, AWS D1.1, ASME B31.3 Severe service and B31.8.