Most cladded parts require fabrication. However, most fabrication does not require cladding. We provide welding and PWHT of fabricated equipment as a complement to our cladding services. We fabricate to specifications like API 6A PSL3, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.6, ASME IX, ASME B31.3 Severe service and B31.8.

Superior Cladding offers fabrication as a turnkey service. Fabricated material must be sourced, cut, machined, welded, and quality tested throughout its manufacturing processes. Whenever a single supplier takes on all those responsibilities, they are doing the work turnkey for the client. We abide by our customers’ approved vendor list (AVL) and BOM’s as we provide turnkey support. From material sourcing to 3rd party non-destructive testing, we work with our customers and their suppliers to produce quality parts that are delivered on time with detailed reports.

Superior Cladding welds on a variety of materials. This includes materials like alloy and low-alloy steels, including 4130, F22, F65, X70, F70, X60, API 2H Gr 50, and A36. Stainless steels including 304L, 316L, Nitronic 50, 2207 and others. Nickel alloys, including Inconel 625. We also weld butters for post weld heat treated materials that get welded again later.

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